As with all of our products Avre manufacturing is committed to be a leader in all fields.

Tea Tree Oil is far and few between. Quality can vary from plantation to plantation. There are premium grades and there are technical grades.

Avre only uses the highest possible available grade of Tea Tree Oil, shipped to us in special Nitrogen purged containers for purity and quality.

Product quality and assurance of manufacture standards is of extreme important to us and we are fanatical about it. With Avre Products you don't pay more, you just get more!

ContinCounteding research and development is our constant goal. Sourcing base ingredients of the highest possible purity available is an important aspect of our business.
Raw materials are only sourced from principal suppliersworldwidee where quality is assured and guaranteed.

Avre Natural Health unconditionally warrants all its products - If the seal and packaging is intact at purchase we stand by it!

Any Avre Natural Health product that you buy that does not satisfy you within reasonable bounds is fully refundable!

But then you would not expect anything less from Avre Natural health, now would you!

tea tree oil quality certificate of guarantee

As with All Avre products, quality is of paramount importance. The key to Avre Tea Tree's effectiveness is the ratio of two important chemical constituents present in the Tea Tree Oil:1,8-Cineole* and Terpinen-4-ol*. Both of these main constituents of Tea Tree are bactericidal and germicidal however cineole can be a powerful skin irritant, for thisreasona tree oils with low cineole and high terpinen contents are preferred.

The Australian Standard calls for:

  • minimum terpinen-4-ol content of 30%
  • maximum 1,8-cineol content of 15%

With Avre Tea Tree Oil we surpass this minimum Australian standard by a long way with the Terpinen-4-ol contents as high as 37% or more and 1,8-Cineole contents as low as 2,7% percent or less.This delicate,highpurity balancee of Cineole/Terpinen ratio in Avre Tea Tree Oil ensures a product that is highly effective yet with a very low possible irritancy factor!
But then you would not expect less than that from Avre Natural Health!


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