Known Folkloric Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Australian Aborigines have been using Tea Tree Oil
for centuries to protect and heal skin ailments

Acne 4 Apply directly to the inflamed spot and work it into the skin with your finger or a cotton bud.
1. Bacterial Vaginosis and Monilial Vulvo-Vaginitis 2.Yeast Infections (Vaginal Thrush) 3.Vaginal Infections (Candida Albicans) 5 Saturate a tampon in the solution and insert twice weekly, or douche with the solution twice weekly.
Arthritis 1 Gently warm the mixed Oils, massage the Oil into the painful area, cover with cling wrap for 10 minutes.
Minor Cuts & Abrasions 1 or 4 Apply directly to the affected area.
Boils and Carbuncles 4 Apply directly to the affected and immediate surrounding area.
Minor Burns 4 or 1 Drip Oil gently onto the burn and spread softly over the whole affected area.
Coughs, Colds, Nasal Congestion & Bronchial Congestion 2 Gently inhale vapours from bowl or vaporiser.
Blisters 4 Gently apply Oil with a cotton swab.
Bites & Stings 4 Gently apply Oil to inflamed area with a cotton swab or bud.
Cold Sores 4 Gently apply Oil to inflamed area with a cotton bud.
Cradle Cap 1 Gently apply Oil to affected area of babies scalp using a cotton swab.
Dandruff 3 Massage shampoo into scalp and leave on a minute or so before rinsing off.
Dermatitis 1 Massage Oil into affected area.
Eczema 1 Carefully wash and pat dry affected area. Apply Oil with a cotton swab.
Gingivitis (sore or bleeding gums) 4 Carefully paint the area of infection, using a cotton bud.
Hair Care



Smooth into hair, covering all strands and leave on a few minutes before rinsing off.
Insect Bites 4 Dab onto affected area.
Itches 4 Apply directly to itchy spot with a cotton swab.
Mouth Ulcers 4 Dab onto infected area.
Muscular Aches & Pains 1 Gently massage painful area.
Nappy Rash 1 Slightly warm Ol and gently apply with a cotton swab.
Perionychia (nail infections) 4 Paint Oil liberally under and around nail with a cotton bud.
Pimples 4 Dab on infection.
Psoriasis 1 Apply Oil to affected area using a cotton swab.
Rashes 1 Apply with a cotton swab.
Rheumatism & Sciatica 1 Slightly warm Oil, and massage into painful area.
Shingles 1 Slightly warm Oil, and massage into painful area.
Splinters 4 Apply Oil to area before and after removal.
Sprains 1 Gently massage Oil into tender area.
Sunburn 1 Gently apply Oil with a cotton swab ... keep away from eyes.
Tinea, Athletes Foot and Ringworm 4 Apply directly to infected area using a cotton swab.
Toothache 4 Paint tooth with Oil using a cotton bud.
Ticks & Leaches 4 Splash Oil onto parasite, remove parasite and splash Oil onto bite-mark.
Tropical Ulcers 4 Gently apply Oil directly to ulcer, using a cotton swab.
Warts, Corns & Bunions 4 Apply Oil directly using a cotton bud.


1. Mix one part pure Tea Tree Oil with eight parts of a quality natural oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel, Avocado Oil etc, or Mix accordingly water soluble Tea Tree Oil in water where massage is not required
2. Add 5-10 or so drops of pure Tea Tree Oil to a bowl of hot water, or to a herbal vaporizer.
3. Add 5 drops of pure Tea Tree Oil to your usual quantity of shampoo or conditioner used per washing.
4. Use undiluted Tea Tree Oil
5. Use a solution of Water Soluble Tea Tree Oil diluted with water at a ratio of 0.4% v/v Tea Tree Oil to water.
* Do not ingest Tea Tree Oil.
* Use of Tea Tree Oil should not be viewed as a substitute for professional medical care. The data as given here is based on commonly known Folkloric Uses or Folk law uses and no medicinal claims are made or implied by Avre Natural Health by the displaying of this common Folk Law information.
* Avoid contact with eyes.
* Keep Tea Tree Oil in a safe place and out of reach of children.
* Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
* Do not mix with other chemicals.
* Store below 30C, 86 F.
* Do not store in ABS or Styrene plastic.
* If swallowed do not induce vomiting, Drink a tall glass of Milk. If poisoning occurs immediately get to a hospital or doctor for treatment.

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