Tea Tree Oil

Frequently Asked Question
Question Is Tea Tree Oil a medicine?
AnswerTea Tree Oil is not classified as a medicine, it is a natural herbal supplement. (It must not be overlooked however, that many classified and scheduled medicines are made from plants!)
QuestionIs Tea Tree Oil Toxic if taken orally?
Answer Tea Tree Oil must not be taken orally. Small amounts mixed with water not greater than 1% v/v Tea Tree Oil in water and used as a spit out mouth wash or gargle has been used for many years without known side effects. There is evidence of persons becoming temporarily Comatose after orally consuming undiluted pure Tea Tree Oil in quantity.
Question What are the main uses for Tea Tree Oil?

Generally Tea Tree Oil is used as a naturally derived Antiseptic for minor skin problems

Question Can Tea Tree Oil be used in the Vaginal area?

Tea Tree solubilized and diluted in water at a concentration of 0.4% v/v Tea Tree Oil has been used for many years as a douche. It is also sometimes soaked into a tampon and used.