Treatments:   Blemishes - Chloasma - Pigmentation - Complexion Refining - Spider Veins - Increased Cell renewal  
  Description: Tyrosinase Inhibitor Pack Size: 22 ml - 0,74 oz Generic Active Base: Herbal
Blemish Liquid
Fast acting, Broad spectrum, Blemish Liquid.


lightens skin Reduces Pigmentation
fades blemishes Refines pore texture
reduces pimples Reduces Spider Veins
reduces pimples Complexion Clarifying
lightens freckles Skin Cell Renewal
SkinLite Liquid
Fast acting Blemish Liquid
blemish removal

0.74 oz - 22ml

Blemish reduction before and after

Liquid delivery for faster results
SkinLite Liquid penetrates faster allowing the natural active components to penetrate deeper with a non greasy and non oily after feel, giving effective yet safe results.
Multi Complex Broad band actives!
Like all Avre Blemish products, SkinLite Liquid Uses a multi complex broad band active base with a larger number of active components in smaller quantities to promote a wider usage base.
SkinLite Liquid reduces blemishes and pigmentation while effectively reducing the appearance of spider veins and uneven surface texture color.

Oil Free delivery base
SkinLite Liquid contains no greasy oils, making application on naturally greasy skin more comfortable.
Hyaluronic Acid in SkinLite liquid aids in natural moisture retention, resulting in a moisturized feel without a greasy after feel. A reason why SkinLite Liquid is popular with men users!.

Principal Function
  • Blemish & Pigmentation reduction
  • Refines and improves skin texture clarity
  • Enhances skin circulation
  • Reduces appearance of Spider Veins
  • Lightens dark skin by Tyrosinase Inhibitor activity

    Non Hydroquinone base!
    Naturally derived NON Hydroquinone based product affording safety of use while still achieving effective results.

    Commercial heritage!
    SkinLite Liquid originated as in Salon Beautician and in Clinic Dermatologist use product, supplied to Dermatologists, Medical Professionals and Beauticians for clinic dispensing and use.
    Popularity of this product led to it's release to the general consumer in 2000, making home treatment of Blemishes, Pigmentation and Spider Veins easy and affordable.

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