Buy 1 of each of the 2 Pallid products (1 Months Supply) and get whooping discounts! - For a limited time only! - See how the 2 products work together Here

    1 Month Supply - Normal Price Each
    1 x 60's Pallid Tablets£31-95
    1 x 50ml Pallid Cream£26-95
    You would normally pay - Total£58-90

    Special - Year End Special! Limited time
    Get both at the unbelievable savings below!

  Order your Pallid Month Special below
UK Pounds1 Month Supply £ 51-00
You save £8-83 off normal price
  UK Pounds2 Month Supply £ 88-35 You save £29-45 off normal price
  UK Pounds3 Month Supply £ 114-85 You save £61-84 off normal price

      1 Month supply includes 1 x 60's Pallid Tablets, 1 x 50ml Pallid Cream

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