Pallid Skin Whitening Liquid

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Skin lightening cream Treatments:   Skin Lightening - Blemishes - Hyperpigmentation Chloasma - Pimples and Blackhead.  
  Description: Skin Lightener   Pack Size: 65ml   Active Base: Herbal   Manufacturer: Avre

Lightening Naturally
Hi efficacy naturally based skin lightening cream.

Skin Lightening +

lightens skin Hyperpigmentation
fades blemishes Fades Blemishes
reduces pimples Pimple Defence
reduces pimples Cleanses Skin

Pallid Complexion Liquid
Hi efficacy liquid formula
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Skin Lightening tablets before and after

Naturally derived active Liquid formula
No harsh chemicals in Pallid Complexion Liquid!

Pallid Complexion Liquid, uses skin friendly, Caprylic capric Triglyceride Oil, for purity and natural skin moisturizing without that greasy after feel, making it ideal for large area treatments, such as, arms, legs and torso.
Natural active components produce effective yet safe results.
Plus Factors!
Pallid Complexion Liquid, if used in conjunction with Pallid Complexion Tablets, and Pallid Complexion Cream, offers one of the most advanced Complexion systems available anywhere today.

Daytime Use
Pallid Complexion Liquid, is ideal for day time use. Your normal daily makeup routine can be applied directly over the Pallid Complexion Liquid application, after about 15 minutes of applying.

More than just a Complexion Liquid!
Besides reducing dark skin color, Pallid Complexion Liquid is also effective in keeping Pimples at bay!
Natural Bearberry extract acts as a natural antiseptic and flushing agent, maintaining pores free of pimple producing impurities and bacteria.

Principal Function
  • Skin Lightening
  • Reduction of Blemishes
  • Complexion Color Clarity
  • Reduces Pimples & Blackheads
  • Skin Pore refining

  • No Hydroquinone - No Steroids - Only Natural Actives

    As with all Avre products, the use of naturally derived ingredients ensures safety in achieving effective results.

    Liquid means faster penetration & easier application
    Formulated in liquid form for purposeful application advantages over Pallid Complexion Cream, This easy spreading product is ideal for large area treatments, such as arms. legs and torso areas.
    Although excellent as a moisturising function, Pallid Complexion Liquid imparts no greasy afterfeel!.

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