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Skin lightening cream Treatments:   Skin Lightening - Blemishes - Hyperpigmentation Chloasma - Complexion Refining & Toning - Anti-Ageing - Complexion Clarity.  
  Description: Skin Lightener   Pack Size: 50ml   Active Base: Herbal   Manufacturer: Avre

Lightening Naturally
Hi efficacy naturally based skin lightening cream.

Skin Lightening +

lightens skin Hyperpigmentation
fades blemishes Fades Blemishes
reduces pimples Anti-Ageing
reduces pimples Conditions Skin
lightens freckles Promotes a Youth full Complexion

Pallid Lightening Cream
Hi efficacy formula

1.69 oz - 50ml

Skin Lightening tablets before and after

Naturally derived active formula
No harsh chemicals in Pallid Skin Lightening Cream!
Pallid Skin Lightening Cream uses naturally derived actives components to achieve effective yet safe results.
Plus Factors!
Pallid Skin Lightening Cream, when used in conjunction with Pallid Complexion Tablets, offers one of the most advanced skin color reduction systems available anywhere today.

Your own home clinic!
Now use the Pallid lightening system from the comfort of your home and get the amazing results you so desire, without the need for a celebrity budget to achieve these results!

More than just Skin Lightening!
Besides Skin Lightening, Pallid Lightering Cream will also be effective in treating conditions such as; Chloasma, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation and will help reduce Freckle concentration. Plus anti-ageing effect promoting a smoother complexion texture.
Pallid Cream is also an effective treatment for Pimples.

Principal Function
  • Skin Lightening
  • Reduction of Blemishes
  • Reduces dark skin color
  • Complexion Color Clarity
  • Promotes a youthful complexion
  • Pimple Control

    No Hydroquinone - No Steroids - Only Natural Actives

    As with all Avre products, the use of naturally derived ingredients ensures safety in achieving effective results.
    Pallid Cream includes "Memezi Bark Extract", (Calodendrum Capense) native to Southern Africa. The indigenous people of South Africa have used this herb for centuries to Lighten Skin and improve complexion appearance, including refining of pores.

    Natural Anti-ageing properties in the formula
    Pallid Skin Lightening Cream does more than just lighten skin color and reduce blemishes!
    The naturally derived components in Pallid Cream also have extremely effective anti-ageing properties.
    Ongoing use will ease fine lines and give the complexion a smooth youthful look.
    There is no need to use another proprietory Anti-ageing product, when you are using Pallid Lightening Cream!
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