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Nail Growth Tonic ® - Clinically proven
Now revitalize your tired damaged nails - quickly
A product where one application results in a multi function action!

Nail Doctors, Nail Growth Tonic ® uses Clinically proven active ingredients to strengthen nails. Treatment results in reduced peeling, chipping, cracking, delamination and surface roughness.

Nail Growth Tonic ®, is an exact science formulation, embodying keratin's, vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, for the ultimate nail rejuvenating effect!

Easy to use - Simply brush on at bedtime. Nail Growth Tonic ®forms a proactive film over the nail and cuticle, working and enriching while you sleep! Nothing could be easier

No noxious fumes - No tackiness - No harmful chemicals.

Nail Growth Tonic ® - Also provides nutrient uptake to the cuticle and finger tip skin areas, not only promoting younger healthier looking nails, but also healthier and younger looking fingertip skin texture.
Nail Growth Tonic ® - Penetrates and enriches the complete nail area - Not just the nail plate
A Nail Surface integrity is increased. Creates a barrier against liquids, pollutants & Nail Varnishes. Improves nail appearance, shine & color
B Nail Plate flexibilty & tensile strength increased. Denser more solid matrix with less ridging
C Nail Cuticle skin enhanced, improved elasticity, flexibility & waterproofness
D Nail Bed nutrient uptake, inproves oxygenation & micro circulation promoting a healthy nail bed system with better natural color

  Hardens nail surface Imparts natural shine - Smoother nail surface - Improves protection against nail varnishes and acetone based application, Detergents and other applied pollutants
  Replenishes Keratin loss Replenishes lost Keratin and reforms disulfide bonds to repair damaged nails - Promotes healthy nail growth - Increases nail integrity.
  Increased tensile strength Increases flexibility, reducing cracking, breaking & splitting - increases nail smoothness - Reduced ingrown nails.
  Increase Nutrient uptake Healthier nail growth - Imparts a Natural shine - Improves natural nail color - Increases flexibility
  Conditions Cuticle area Increases Cuticle skin integrity - Cuticle skin becomes more flexible and even - Increases cuticle imperviousness against bacterial and fungal ingress.

Scanning electron micrographs (SEM) of Nail surfaces - Treated and Untreated
  The first SEM "A" shows the dorsal surface of an untreated nail.
The surface is void of flattened corneocyte cells, which make up the nail surface and the fibrous intermediate can be clearly seen
Because this corneocyte surface is absent, the Nail would look dull and porous, easily soaking up pollutants and be susceptible to harsh chemicals such as nail varnishes and solvent based varnish removers..

The second SEM "B" shows the dorsal surface after 21 days of treatment.
The dorsal layer has built up with flattened corneocyte cells which can clearly be observed.
Now the Nail, has shine and is smoother and the surface is more resistant to pollutants and applied varnishes or varnish removers and preventing damage to the structure of the nail itself.
  This set of SEM's left "A" & "B", are like the two described above.
This time the nail section is the tip of the fingernail.

"A" shows the untreated nail tip and "B" shows this section after 21 days of treatment.

The pictures are self explanatory as to the results!
Action of Nail Growth Tonic ®

Nail Growth Tonic® consists of hydrolyzed keratin, capable of moisturizing the skin and strengthening the nails.
The main active component of Nail Growth Tonic is made from a purified protein fraction isolated from pure wool. Using a proprietary process which leaves the natural cystine content of the keratin in an active, S-sulpho (S-SO3-), form.
It is the high proportion of these groups that enables Nail Growth Tonic to create cross linking with the keratin in nails, resulting in an increase in the integrity and cohesion of the nail plate.
Furthermore this functionality has antioxidant behaviour which allows for active removal of harmful radicals which can damage skin and nails.
Active ingredients
Hydrolised Keratin - 18 Amino Acids- Horsetail Extract (equisetum arvense) - Carrageenan - Aucoumea klaineana Extract - Ginseng root extract - Vit C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) - Peptides - Proteins
Amino AcidsAspGlu SerGlyHisArgThrAla ProTyrValMetLanIleLeuPheLysCys
The 18 essential and non essential Amino Acids listed above are found in Nail Growth Tonic ®
The percentages shown are the percentage of the total amount of Amino Acid content in the formula.

~ Never again, let someone tell your age by your hands - Ever! ~

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