B-Lite Blemish Liquid
Manufactured by:  Avre Skin Care under license to B-Lite Skin Systems.  

Description: Blemish Liquid. 

In the base layer of human epidermis we find melanocytes, the special cells that produce 
the dark pigment melanin, responsible for the individual skin tone of each human being.

Although white or coloured people have the same amount of melanocytes in their skin, 
there are two important differences:

1.   Melanocytes of coloured people are more active, therefore producing more melanin. 
2.   In the epidermis of coloured people melanin is not destroyed by enzymes, this for 
      instance, is different  to tanned skins of white people during summer. 

Increased production of melanin on one side and dramatically reduced decomposition of
melanin on the other side are the true reasons for darker skin tones.

B-Lite, through a natural process of naturally derived active components, reduces the 
coloured pigmentation that causes darkened skin or in the cases of blemishes uneven
darkened areas.

Active Ingredients 

Sodium Hyaluronate, Comfrey Extract, Panthenol, Hydroxyproline, Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid, 
Mulberry Root Extract, Licorice Extract, Beta Hydroxy Acid BHA  (Salicylic Acid) Proprietary
Herbal Blend 

Directions of application

1. Wash skin thoroughly before applying B-Lite Liquid.  For best results, use Avre 
   Water Soluble Tea Tree Oil cleansing solution before applying B-Lite liquid.

2. Apply B-Lite Liquid 1 - 3 times per day.  Apply daily make-up over B-Lite. 

3. If your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, then at least a +15 SPF Sun Screen must be 
    applied over the B-Lite application to obtain and maintain maximum results. Failure to 
    protect the skin from sunlight will compromise the effectiveness and performance of the  
    B-Lite application! This is an important aspect in obtaining maximum results and should
    be adhered to at all times for full and effective results.  


Directions of application cont

Before applying B-Lite Liquid to small dark areas, first consult your Physician to ascertain 
that the areas to be treated are non malignant and  do not require proper medical attention!

Blite Liquid by nature of itís formulation will not absorb immediately/ This is formulated this 
way to allow time to spread the liquid over a large area to obtain a non concentrated even 
spread. Work the applied liquid into the skin. The apparent greasy feeling will subside within 
2-3 minutes leaving a smooth non oily skin surface.   

For extremely dark blemishes and small intense areas such as liver spots, etc,  soak a 
Cotton Bud in B-Lite Liquid and apply to those exact areas. In the case of dry skin or where 
moisturisation is required, use B-Lite liquid in conjunction with B-Lite Blemish Cream.

Side Effects

B-Lite Blemish Liquid works on a natural basis, therefore side effects are minimal. 
Some intolerance to the Salicylic Acid (BHA) content may be experienced by some
as a slight tingly sensation on the first few applications.

First, conduct a small patch test to check your tolerance to B-Lite Blemish liquid.
Avoid application around the eye socket area and the lips.  

During initial application the user also may or may not experience; dryness, redness, itching, 
flaking, tightness, temporary darkening, light or dark blotchiness and mild peeling. This is 
generally temporary and should subside as the skin adapts to the products being applied.	

If the above symptoms are excessive or uncomfortable on the initial test patch, stop further
use of the B-Lite Blemish Liquid immediately.
Do not apply other cosmetic preparations (lipstick and eye make-up excluded) over B-Lite
that are formulated for the same purpose or are  medicinal skin preparations.  


B-Lite Blemish Liquid is unlike chemical bleaching agents and the effects are not permanent.

First noticeable results would be seen typically in about 4 - 5 weeks, however it can take up to 
8 - 12 weeks to reach full noticeable results. 
Dark spots don' t always fade evenly, or at the same rate as others. Temporary blotchiness, 
with lighter patches of your normal skin tone "peeking" through, is normal. It takes time for 
dark spots and blemishes to fade and to achieve an even skin tone, patients and persistence 
will reward you with the results you would like to achieve . 

By not following the outlines as listed in this insert could affect the end results of the intended 
purpose of the use of the product.	
B-Lite Blemish Liquid is a cosmetic preparation and not a medicinal product, therefore no 
medicinal claims or warranties are expressed or implied in the contents herein or in the use 
or in the performance of the product itself. 

Avro Skin Care