Hydroquinone free! B-lite Skin Blemish and Skin Lightening products
Blemish Liquid
New Liquid form
Faster acting, easy application and spread.

A faster working action!.

lightens skin Lightens Dark skin
fades blemishes Fades Blemishes
lightens freckles Lightens Freckles
reduces pimples Reduces pimples
B-Lite Liquid
Easy spreading for large area application!
blemish removal

0.85 oz
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A little goes a long way!
Each 25ml B-Lite has 175 drops, equaling over 80 facial applications.

B-Lite uses naturally derived actives to achieve effective yet safe results.

Achieve an even complexion!
B-Lite is the result of intense Research and Development.
Be it, skin Lightening, Blemish removal such as Chloasma, or fading of Acne scars, B-Lite products work effectively!

  • Reduction of Blemishes
  • Refines skin tone and clarity
  • Reduces dark skin color
  • Simultaneously treats Pimples
  • Promotes a youthful complexion

    Unisex Product!
    This quick applying liquid product, spreads smoothly and easily, once applied even your closest friend will not know you are wearing it.
    A reason why B-lite Liquid is popular with men users seeking blemish free complexions

    Broad band actives!
    The naturally derived broad band active formula in B-Lite treats a wide range of blemish problems effectively!

    A vitally important factor of this naturally derived NON Hydroquinone based product is the safety afforded in achieving effective results.

    Take Control!
    This easy to use, home applied product, gives you the opportunity to take control of your appearance.
    For an even, clear Complexion, B-Lite is a natural winner!
    The performance of these products is enhanced with the simultaneous use of our Skin Cleanser and Skin Toner, More information on these products can be found HERE

  • B-Lite
    Blemish Cream
    Vitamin enriched
    Blemish Cream in a moisturizing base.

    Anti-aging properties.
    skin color Blemishes
    skin colour Evens skin colour
    removes freckles Reduces Freckles
    complexion clarity Complexion Clarity

    B-Lite Blemish Cream
    B-Lite in a cream base for extra moisturizing!
    blemish removal

    1.69 oz
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