Treatments:   Blemishes - Chloasma - Hyperpigmentation - Pimple Reduction - Complexion Refining - Anti-ageing - Complexion Toning & Moisturizing - Enlarged Pores.  
  Description: Tyrosinase Inhibitor   Pack Size: 50 ml - 1,69 oz   Generic Active Base: Herbal
Natural Moisturizing
Broad spectrum Blemish Cream with natural moisturizing enhancement.

Blemish and Toning!

lightens skin Hyperpigmentation
fades blemishes Fades Blemishes
reduces pimples Anti-Ageing
reduces pimples Reduces Pimples
lightens freckles Moisturizes & Nourishes
lightens freckles Promotes a Youthfull Complexion
lightens freckles Refines Facial Pores
Avre Blemish Cream
Ultimate efficay formula
blemish removal

Blemish reduction before and after

Naturally derived
No harsh chemicals in Avre Blemish Cream!
Avre Blemish Cream uses naturally derived actives to achieve effective yet safe results.
Broad band actives!
The naturally derived broad band active formula in Avre Blemish Cream results in the treatment of a wide range of blemish problems effectively!

Achieve an even complexion!
Used in conjunction with Avre B-Lite Blemish Liquid for effective skin Lightening
Use as a night cream for Blemish removal such as Chloasma, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation.
Avre Blemish Cream work effectively!

Principal Function
  • Reduction of Blemishes
  • Refines skin tone and clarity
  • Reduces dark skin color
  • Simultaneously treats Pimples
  • Promotes a youthful complexion
  • Moisturizes & Nourishes
  • Refines Facial Pores

    A vitally important factor of this naturally derived product is the safety afforded in achieving effective results.
    No Hydroquinone - No Steriods - Only Natural Actives

    Take Control!
    This easy to use, home applied product, gives you the opportunity to take control of your appearance.
    For an even, clear Complexion, Avre Blemish Cream is a natural winner!

    Beauty Refinement
    Avre Blemish Cream is formulated with an advanced broadband multi active herbal formula, offering the added bonus of softening Fine Line Wrinkles and smoothing out the complexion while reducing Blemishes, making it a dual purpose single component skin care product, alleviating the need for any additional beauty treatments to maintain a glowing complexion

  • Our 60 day guarantee
    Avre Blemish Cream has been our premier selling product since it was launched in 1997.
    Our continued repeat customer clientelle is tesiment to the proven performance of this product.
    If this product fails to show satisfactory results within 60 days of use, we will refund.
    The only stipulations are that there are no underlying medical condition, causing Blemsih re-appearance during treatment with this product and that the product is applied in accordance with our guidelines of use.
      Di Water - Cetearyl - Ceteareth-20 - PEG 20 Stearate - Propylene Glycol USP - Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Oil - Proprietary Herbal Blend - Wheat Amino Acids - Sodium Hyaluronate - Comfrey Extract - Panthenol - Lactic Acid - Hydroxyproline - Mulberry Root Extract - Licorice Extract - Kojic Acid - Beta Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic Acid) - Citric Acid - Vitamin E - Ethylehexyl Methoxycinnamate - Zinc Oxide - EDTA - Parabens - Parfum.
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