1.  I agree to follow the home treatment instructions given to me to the letter.


2.  I understand that dark spots don' t always fade evenly, or at the same rate as others. Temporary blotchiness, 

    with lighter patches of your normal skin tone "peeking" through, is normal. I understand that it takes time for dark 

    spots and blemishes to fade and to achieve an even skin tone.

    I understand that not following the outlines as listed below could affect the end results of the intended purpose of  

    the use of the Avre products supplied and applied.

    I will not use simultaneously other products, formulated to treat the same condition as the Avre products.


3.  During the next few weeks, I may or may not experience dryness, redness, itching, flaking, tightness, 

     temporary darkening, light or dark blotchiness and mild peeling. This is temporary and will subside as my skin 

     adapts to the products being applied.


4.  When applying Avre Cosmetic Products, particularly Blemish products or Skin Lighteners, I will use with caution

     around the eye and lip area or on dry, sensitive or irritated skin areas.  With Tea Tree Oil products I will not

     use around the eye area will not insert in the ear and will not consume or swallow the product.


5.  Because of the earth's depleting ozone, sun exposure and many medications can make my skin "sun sensitive".       

     I agree to wear sun block on all exposed treated skin on a daily basis when exposed for any length of time. I will 

     reapply Sun Screen hourly if necessary when exposed to continuous sun. I will avoid the sun when humanly 



6.  In the event of a poison ivy-type rash, accompanied by burning, redness, swelling and fine bumps, I will 

     discontinue use of all products and will contact Avre Skin Care immediately


7.  I agree to patch test the Avre products supplied before use.  I understand that some people can develop an 

     allergy to chemical Sun Screen, fragrances, Salicylic Acid, and that in these cases, the problem product(s) will be 

     exchanged for an alternate product(s) within the first 14 days. I understand there is no refund in these circumstances.


8.  I agree to be consistent with the products use as directed. I also understand that by not applying the products 

     supplied as directed that this action may affect the intended performance of the product and under these

     circumstances I have no valid claim for a refund.  


9.  I also agree that inconsistency of use may result in new breakouts, dark spots and/or darkening of existing

     blemishes.  I understand that these are controllable disorders, with no permanent cure. Pitted scarring such as

     Acne, etc, can be improved somewhat to a degree , but will not go away completely.


10. I understand that many factors can affect the performance of Avre products, including stress, sun exposure, oily

     cosmetics, eating salty foods or excessive consumption of dairy (especially cheese), drug use, medical 

     conditions (like diabetes, anaemia, kidney disease, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, obesity, sun sensitivity,

     pregnancy, hormonal changes, medications like birth control pills/shots, diuretics, blood pressure medicine,

     antibiotics, hormones of any kind, antidepressants,  anti-convulsives, steroids)


11. At all costs products containing hydroquinone must not be used or applied at the same time as Avre products or 

      within a time frame of at least 3 weeks before or after treatment with Avre products.


12. I understand genetics (skin conditions that run in families), stress, lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, diet, certain

     medical conditions, obesity, prescription medications may make some cases very difficult to treat effectively. 

     Avre Skin Care can give no promises, time limits or guarantees when these situations are prevailed or



13. I understand that acne, psoriasis. razor bumps, eczema, and most inflamed skin conditions can cause scarring

      and/or dark spots, and that residual scarring and discoloration after your skin has cleared is not caused by Avre 

      products, but by the condition itself (prolonged inflammation), sun exposure, picking, scratching or other.


14. I understand that only partial use of Avre Products may give me less than the results I am hoping to get. I 

      understand that permanent lifestyle changes are necessary to successfully treat stubborn or excessive cases.


15. After starting the use of these products, I agree to avoid the sun wherever possible.
      I will avoid other Blemish products and scrubs or other brands of cosmetics containing:
      Vitamin A, Glycolic; AHA products or Salicylic BHA products.