Beauty starts within

    It is sad to see so many companies advertising Cosmetic and Beauty products, YET it is seldom that any of these so called Professional Companies mention the importance of diet, exercise, Vitamins, Nutrients and Supplements to obtain maximum Skin Beauty.
    Whether we like it or not, how we eat, live and sustain our bodies is what determines how we look (besides genetic ageing).

    Many people abuse and take their bodies for granted, cram unnecessary medications down the throat until suddenly ageing of their skin and blemishing starts to take place and they expect a jar of cream to bring back a youthful healthy skin.
    This sadly is not the case. But a well formulated Skin Care Product and a change of fitness and diet habit do make an amazing difference to ones appearance.

    Avre Skin Care, manufactures Natural Health products because we know the importance of nutrients working synergistically with topical applications to help promote better skin health!



Exercise is an important beauty aid. An unexercised body is full of toxins that play havoc with our complexion and overall skin appearance.
When we say exercise we do not mean for you to go out and do an Anaerobic exercise routine, all that is needed is a daily routine of Aerobic exercise, walking, swimming, stepping, light skipping, etc. "We have to feel good to look good"
Smoking is a definite no, no if you want a healthy complexion. Smoking restricts oxygen supply to the skin and results in a sallow complexion. Smoking also accelerates the onset of wrinkles.
Ask yourself honestly, how many people do you know that smoke and have a healthy complexion!, then ask yourself how many people you know that do not smoke and have a healthy glowing complexion.
I don't think we have to go further on this one!


Unfortunately the effects of excessive alcohol usage only appear in later years, which of course by then it is too late.
Alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes permanent damage to the dermis. Very few Cosmetic preparations are effective in removing alcohol ravaged wrinkled skin. The obvious is to always drink in moderation, for your health's sake and for your appearance.


Many skin conditions are exasperated by certain foods we eat. What's good for Jane may not necessary be good for Mary. Consulting a Dietician can in many cases help the appearance of the skin. Sebaceous Gland over production of oils can be as a result of a single food intake or dietary supplement that is not compatible with your metabolism.


Nutrition is an important aspect of how we feel and how we look.
Deficiencies in Vitamins and minerals can play havoc with skin appearance. A well balanced diet with proper supplemented vitamins and minerals can produce a new look you!.

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