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Is penis enlargement surgery expensive? Do penis enlargement pumps work? What is natural penis enlargement? What is jelqing? Do penis enlargement pills work? We get more questions about penis enlargement than all other subjects combined. So to help you find quick answers to enlarging your penis. We’ve pulled together the most common penis enlargment questions and answers below. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

What is the average penis size?

Most sources state the average erect penis size to be between 5.5 and 6.0 inches. This is confirmed by our which shows the majority of men to have an erect size between 5.0 and 6.5 inches.

My penis size is average when erect but very small when flaccid. Is this normal?
Yes, it is normal. Many men are quite small when flaccid but average, or bigger, when erect. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help the many men who suffer from embarrassment in the locker room! Some men report stimulating their penis to a semi-erect state before getting changed or showering just to avoid exposing their small flaccid state to other men!

How can I enlarge my penis?

We are aware of three methods that all claim to enlarge the penis. These are penis pumps, (also known as natural penis enlargement) and penis enlargement surgery. Some websites offer herbal concoctions, penis enlargement pills, capsules and potions that they claim will enlarge the penis. These pills work by boosting blood supply to the penis. While they will provide a harder erection, it is unknown as to whether they can actually stimulate penis growth.

Do penis pumps enlarge the penis?

Yes. They enlarge the penis by using a vacuum around the penis to make more blood flow into the penis. This is not dissimilar to the gain in size achieved when you have a very strong erection during extreme sexual arousal. Pumps are obviously of greatest benefit when the penis is erect. The enlargement effect however is not long lasting and will disappear quickly once pumping ceases. Anyone using penis pumps should take great care as they can cause damage to the penis if used incorrectly (either by pumping too often or using too strong a vacuum). Ensure that whatever pump is used has a reliable pressure gauge and follow the instructions closely.

Can I get surgery to increase my penis size?

Yes. Penile enhancement surgery has been available for several years. In the early days it was best avoided, as surgeons were far from experienced in these techniques. Nowadays however, the operation is much safer and there is much less chance of your penis ending up looking like something that belongs to Frankenstein’s monster! Unfortunately, erect length gains are sometimes not substantial (although flaccid gains are often considerable). Penis enlargement surgery is not cheap and you would be well advised to look around until you find a specialist with a strong track record in this area. Don’t try and save money by using the cheapest surgeon and be prepared for a lengthy recuperation period.

What is jelqing and does it work?

Jelqing, or natural penis enlargement, is purportedly derived from old Arabian techniques used to lengthen the penis. It is unclear whether this is the true origin of the word "jelq" but whatever the case, the word "jelq" has come to be used for a range of natural penis enlargement techniques. The techniques are based around penile massage and a variety of exercises centered on the penis. No mechanical devices or drugs are involved. Jelqing does offer varying degrees of size gain for both the flaccid and erect states. Penis size gains can normally be seen within a couple of weeks of commencing the jelqing techniques. After several months, the effects can be quite substantial if the exercise regime is followed closely and adhered to. Once the jelqing exercises are stopped there is some reversion in size but gains can be maintained with a less frequent “maintenance” program. Provided users are in good health and have the patience to adhere to the exercise routines, jelqing can provide tangible increases in penis size.

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  • Can I get free instructions on the web?

    Yes, we have seen web pages containing instructions on how to jelq. The free how-to-jelq web pages and how-to-jelq emails we've seen have ranged from reasonably accurate, if short on detail, to downright dangerous. The most worrying jelqing web pages are those obviously created by pranksters who have added their own "special jelqing exercises" which could result in injury and should not be carried out under any circumstances. In all cases, exercise caution in accepting treatment information from people or websites claiming to offer free jelqing information. If you are unsure about the accuracy of the jelqing information you have obtained, seek clarification and guidance. We recommend that potential jelq users seek their information from recognised specialist penis enlargement websites. The benefits of using a properly established website are that you will have access to specialist support and you will know the information and instructions you receive are valid and accurate.

    Can jelqing help overcome impotence?

    Possibly. Both physical and psychological factors may be involved in impotence. Jelqing does increase the flow of blood to the penis and natural penis enlargement exercises will improve blood circulation around the penis generally. All the men we have interviewed have confirmed much firmer erections after undertaking natural penis enlargement exercises. They also reported much greater stamina, or "staying power" in the bedroom. Another potential side-benefit of jelqing based programs is improved ejaculatory function. Most penis enlargement programs contain exercises designed to help strengthen the muscles used in ejaculation. Developing these p.c muscles, as they are known, will increase (often quite dramatically) both the amount of ejaculate and the force of the ejaculation.more on impotence

    Which are the best jelqing based penis enlargement programs?

    There are many Penis Enlargement programs based around the jelqing technique available both on and off the web. On the Internet, most websites offer their programs at around the $40 to $50 mark. All the websites we’ve seen offer essentially the same sets of exercises. The main differences come about in the quality of the reference material and the level of support offered.
    We recommend two penis enlargement websites - both of which provide a high level of specialist penis enlargement support and a large range of multimedia reference materials.

    In choosing a natural penis enlargement program you should look for;