Herbal Viagra Alternative

Panalt Chinese herbal tablets, for Erectile Dysfunction

Drugs That Cause Impotence
Recreational drugs are a major cause of erection problems and the number one drug is tobacco. Experiments show that even two cigarettes will markedly decrease the blood flow to the penis if smoked before sex. Marijuana and alcohol are also big causes of erection problems.

Prescription drugs are also big culprits, especially blood pressure drugs. The major problem drugs include:

1. Estrogens used in men with prostate cancer
2. Antiandrogens (flutamide) used in men with prostate cancer
3. Lupron - prostate cancer drug
4. Proscar - for men with enlarged prostates, can decrease the volume of ejaculate
5. Diuretics - used for men with heart disease and hypertension
6. Methyldopa - older treatment for blood pressure
7. Beta blockers - for heart disease and hypertension
8. Calcium Channel Blockers- newer treatments for hypertension
9. Tranquilizers
10. Decongestants
11. Seizure Medications
12. Drugs to lower Cholesterol
13. Cimetidine - a drug for ulcers
14. Digoxin - a drug for heart failure

Other causes include surgical treatments for prostate problems, bladder removal for cancer, urethral stricture, urinary surgery, carcinoma of the penis, priapism, renal transplantation, colon surgery, radiation, lumbosacral surgery, penile amputations, and penile surgery in children to correct congenital problems.

The Effects of Disease States and Drugs

* Diabetes is the most common cause of sexual dysfunction in men. It has been estimated that up to 50-60 percent of diabetic men have erectile dysfunction. Attention must be paid with diabetics to a diabetic neuropathy -- the loss of vibratory sensations of the lower extremities. With this disease, there is always the possibility of peripheral neuropathies. Other diseases that are associated with peripheral neuropathies include chronic renal failure, carcinomas, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, herpes zoster, anemias, breathing problems, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as a long list of hereditary neuropathies.
* It is estimated that fifty percent or more of men with Multiple Sclerosis have erectile dysfunction. Bladder dysfunction can be also be associated with the erectile dysfunction in multiple sclerosis.
* Parkinson's disease and temporal lobe abnormalities are risk factors for impotence.
* Stroke and alcoholism create a very high risk because of damage to the testicles and the resulting decrease of testosterone in the body.
* Aging is a common risk for erectile dysfunction, often related to a decrease of male hormones.
* Chronic renal insufficiency is another potential factor. Many drugs used to treat the type of high blood pressure associated chronic renal insufficiency can cause erectile dysfunction, and many drugs are, by themselves, the culprit.

he problem of an inadequate erection is probably one of the biggest issues a man confronts. Most men experience erectile problems on occasion, but impotence, also called erectile dysfunction, is defined as "the persistent failure to develop and maintain erections of sufficient rigidity for penetrative sexual intercourse." Of course, men have other kinds of sexual problems including lack of desire and problems with ejaculation, yet impotence is the most common and troubling.

The best way for men to begin solving erectile problems is by reading about men's sexual system - anatomy, physiology, diseases, drugs, diagnosis and treatments. Some problems may be solved simply and others may require a visit to your family doctor or a urologist. In either case, we encourage you to become an educated health care consumer, which should help you regardless of the cause or cure for your problem.

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