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The female clitoris corresponds to homologous parts of the male penis, i.e., embryologically it comes from the same tissue that forms the penis. The trigger for forming a penis instead of a clitoris is the action of testosterone in utero.

The outside portion of the clitoris, the clitoral glans, is entirely or partially covered by the clitoral hood or prepuce, tissue that is homologous to the foreskin in males and beneath which smegma is formed and may collect. In humans, the clitoral body then extends several centimeters upwards and to the back, before splitting into two arms, the clitoral crura. Shaped like an inverted "V", these crura extend around and to the interior of the labia majora. Including external and internal components, it is thought the clitoris is similar in size to the penis, if this is flabby.

The organ is formed out of corpus cavernosum, a rich collection of capillary tissue with a substantial presence of nerve tissue. It contains roughly the same number of nerve endings as the penis, and it is particularly well-suited for sexual stimulation.

Clitoris stimulators, and clitoris stimulation cream to enhance femal labido. Big clit and big clitoris come in different colors like a black clitoris called by slang, black clits and come with black labia. Clit rings helps clit sex in terms of being different from the normal, but clit size matters to many during sexual intercourse. Clitoris stimulation can be done with the finger or with the use of a clit stimulators such as a vibrator.

Most of the clitoris is hidden, and external stimulation of the entire clitoris can result in a more profound sexual response. There is considerable variation among women with regard to how much of the clitoris protrudes from the hood and how much is covered by it, ranging from complete, covered invisibility to full, protruding visibility. One explanation advanced for the vaginal orgasm is that it results from stimulation of the internal parts of the clitoris during vaginal penetration. Nevertheless, some women experience both clitoral and vaginal orgasms and distinguish between them in terms of both the physical and general sensations associated with each.

During sexual arousal, the clitoris enlarges as its erectile tissue fills with blood. Shortly before orgasm, this erection often increases further, drawing the clitoris upwards, so that viewed from the outside it actually appears to shrink.

Clit There are Clit ticklers on the market which some find fun. Do not be fooled by clitoral enlargement cream adverts because we are yet to see one of these actually make the clitoris any bigger than the normal clit size.

Clitoral erection of the clitoral hood take place when a femal becomes aroused. Some females have a large clitoris that stands erect and large Clitoral hood piercing is done by piercing the fold of skin of the clitorial hood just above the clitoris itself, then a metal ring or other metal ornament is inserted through the hole. Some females that have a clit piercing claim to have higher or dtronger clitoral orgasm. Many females with Big clits generlly have a higher degree of sensitivity or sexual feeling in the clitoris area compared to there counterparts with smaller clitorises.

Big labia are not always assoiated with women that have a big clit.

Clitoris Stimulators

We sell a large clitoral stimulator but there are many clitoral stimulators on the market ranging from hand operated to battery operated even wall socket driven ones. Clitoral toys like a clitoral vibrator are the most common form of clitoris stimulation after the finger. Vibrators ar cheap and sold in many adult stores. Clitoral vibrators buzz the clitoris at a couple of tens of cycles a second and this generally brings a female to clitorial climax fairly quickly.

You can use a clitoris clip for more added excitment. Especially the type that have a chain attachjed and where you can hang weights from it. This if work without panties can be a great form of stimulation as you walk around the town. However this may not be for everyone!

Clitoris peircing pictures of close up clitoris views can give you ideas for the type of clit ring that would suite you before you have a big needle whacked through your clit. Clitoris hood shows clearly in the clitoris images. Clitoris location is above the vagina entrance. Clitoris masturbation or stimulation of the clitoris promotes a strong clitoris orgasm. The tempo and required pressure is different for most women as this is a very sensitive part of the female anatomy

Clitoris photo and clitoris photos will enable you to see the clitoris. There are mana a pic of the clitoris on the internet. Clitoris picture of ther biggest clit. around are also available and the size can be very dramatic to those that have never seen a huge clitoris before! The Biggest clitoris is most likely the best part of 4 inches in length. See clitoris pictures of these huge clits to see for yourself.

Female Libido
The new fad around is the clitoris pump enlarger, This imposes vacuum on the clitois enhancing blood flow, which causes the clit to swell in size. So in this manner a clitoris pump enlarger helps clitoris enlargement, albeit only for a short period of time. Clitoris removal is crazy, but it is practiced by some tribal native clans, particularly in Africa and South America. This robs young women of future sexual activity and should be banned.

A clitoris ring is popular and fasionable, in two ways, 1. for enhancing clitoris rubbing ansd 2. for appearance or turn on attitude, but it does not alter the clitoris size.
Clitoris stimulation is popular, but some find the task labourious and rather use purpose made clitoris stimulator products and clitoris stimulators which get the job of female climax done quicker. Therefore Clitoris vibrators are very popular. Female Libido can be enhanced with clitoris sucking or clitoris licking.
Clits and slits is slang for clits and cunts. Labia engorged amd clitoris enlarged like labia enormous or clitoris enormous means a full woaman.
Clits erect is the same as a male erection where the sexual organ stands erect. Clitoris erect is a "clits erection".

How to find the clitoris and how to stimulate the clitoris is a learning curve for most girls, but there is plenty of information available on this subject. When a person has a huge clitoris or huge clits and someone finds out about it, the story does the rounds, justy the same as a well hung guy will always be the subject of discussion and the eye of the opposite sex. A well hung woman is just the same.

Female Labido Female Libido
Labia Majora are easy to find because of their size na dthe fact that they are situated outside while the inner lips or labia Manora are smaller and situated in the folds of the labia majora lips.
An itchy clitoris or itchy labia may be because of too much acidity in the diet, and can be awfully hard to scratch siccessfully when wearing a tight pair of Denims!

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    Female Orgasm

    The clitoris is a female sexual organ and when stimulated can lead to femal orgasm or sexual climax. In female, the visible knob-like portion is located near the anterior junction of the labia minora, above the opening of the vagina. Unlike the homologous male organ (the penis), the clitoris does not contain the distal portion of the urethra and functions solely to induce sexual pleasure or aid in female climax . The only known exception to this is in the Spotted Hyena, where the urogenital system is modified so that the female urinates, mates and gives birth via an enlarged, erectile clitoris.

    Female Climax

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    Medical literature recognised the existence of the clitoris in the 16th century. In the 1970s, the word clitoris was considered offensive in the spoken English language and is still seen as a taboo word by many people. The first use of clitoris on television in the United States is believed to have been by Dr. Rich O'Brien, a Harvard colleague of Garabedian's, on the Dr. Ruth Westheimer show. The external part of the clitoris may be partially or totally removed during female circumcision (also known as a clitoridectomy or female genital mutilation in.

    The topic is highly controversial with many countries condemning or banning the traditions that give rise to involuntary procedures, and with some countries outlawing even voluntary procedures.

    In various cultures, the clitoris is sometimes pierced directly. Other piercings may include a Clitoral hood piercing and the Isabella piercing, among many others. Some cultures at various times in history have practiced stretching, which can enlarge the clitoris, or can make it more visible. The use of anabolic steroids by female bodybuilders and the like can result in significant enlargement of the clitoris in concert with other masculinizing effects on the female body.

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    G-spot G Spot
    The Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot, is a small area in the genital area of women behind the pubic bone and surrounding the urethra. It is named after German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. It is the same as, or part of, the urethral sponge, the site of Skene's glands. There is no confirmed scientific evidence that supports the existence of a particular physiological area known as the "G-spot". It is common belief that the "G-spot" is composed of a dense collection of nerve endings. Stimulation of the G-spot through the front wall of the vagina promotes a more vigorous and satisfying orgasm, and is possibly the cause of female ejaculation from the Skene's glands, contained in the urethral sponge.

    Such G Spot stimulation requires a somewhat opposite thrust to that required to obtain maximal clitoral stimulation via the penis, and is often referred to in the vernacular as "riding high". The G-spot may not be just one discrete spot but rather an area, it is the deep nerves of the clitoris as they pass through the tissue to connect with the spinal column. The clitoris has deep roots and may in fact change in size and slightly change in location as hormone levels fluctuate throughout a woman's life. The shape of the penis determines which sexual positions best reach the G-spot. In missionary position intercourse, a penis that curves upward has a natural ability to exert more pressure on the front wall of the vagina. A man whose penis curves downwards, on the other hand, may find the doggy style position more suitable for stimulating the G-spot as the curve works against the front wall. Stimulation of the G-spot through the use of a finger or tongue is possible through the combined pressure of pushing down on the clitoris while arcing the tongue or finger upwards in a beckoning motion. The finger or tongue must be approximately 1-3 inches inside the vagina for this to work.

    Female Ejaculation
    The term 'G-spot' is also used by analogy as a slang term for the prostate gland in men, which may be stimulated through anal play or by pressing on the perineum skin directly beneath the scrotum.

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    Most women achieve orgasm through friction of the clitoris against the man's pubic bone while engaged in intercourse or through stimulation of the clitoris by manual or oral contact. But Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, claimed that women who had clitoral orgasms were "infantile." He asserted that to be truly mature, a woman must have only "vaginal orgasms." His theory has long been discredited, both psychologically and anatomically. yet some women do report "vaginal orgasms without friction of the clitoris." To understand this, you have to understand the way the clitoris is shaped and how it is carried in the body. Most men and all too many women think that the clitoris is a tiny "button" or "nub" of sensitive flesh located above the vagina, at the level of the base of the woman's pubic bone. This is NOT TRUE.

    The clitoris is a shaft of engorgeable tissue, built just like a small penis, with a sexually sensitive head (the glans) at its tip, just like the head of a small penis. It comes equipped with a foreskin or prepuce, just like an uncircumsized penis, and during sexual excitement, the foreskin retracts, exposing the glans of the clitoris, the little "button" most people think is the entire organ. Unlike the shaft of the penis, which is free-hanging, the shaft of the clitoris lays vertically along the body's midline, covered and never seen, just beneath a layer of fat and skin. The shaft of the clitoris reaches down toward the vagina and then splits to each side.

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    To imagine this better, remember that the vaginal lips are analogous to the scrotum -- and now think of the way the shaft of the penis emerges from the scrotal area and visualize the shaft of the clitoris (covered beneath a layer of fat and skin) emerging from the top of the vaginal lips and terminating in the little glans, which pokes out of the skin. Got that? Okay. But there's more! When it reaches the body, the tiny clitoral shaft divides into two "forks" or "legs" called crura. (The penis also has two crura at its base, but they are relatively small; they serve to anchor the penis to the body..) The elongated crura of the clitoris extend downward along either side of the vaginal opening and terminate in bulbous glands, so the entire clitoris looks like an upside-down letter "Y" that has been bent forward at the top. And what most people call "the clitoris" is just that end-tip of the letter "Y" shape, the clitoral glans.

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    Now the big disadvantage to having the clitoris fixed in place beneath the skin with elongated crura is that the woman has little freedom of motion for stimulation. Imagine if the penis was surgically attached to the flesh of the abdomen with only the glans free at the top (right below the belly button) and there was no ability to thrust in and out. A man would be somewhat at the mercy of his partner's technical skill or acquiescence to his limited range of motion -- he'd have to rub his body up and down along his partner's body to stimulate the penis in the same way she rubs up and down against his pubic bone (some men do this when masturbating by rubbing against their mattress) or he would have to ask her to stroke the glans of his penis the way she asks him to stroke the glans of her clitoris.